Sunny & 70s Somewhere – by Justin Perdue

Demo sketch of a new original latin jazz number of mine: “Sunny & 70s Somewhere”

Found a scrap of paper with the chords the other day, and rescued the half-remembered melody from the abyss of my iPhone voice memos. It’s yours truly playing all the parts: the dubbed guitars are “rhythm” guitar on my Eastman archtop as an electric (with the amp mic’d), and the solo is the same Eastman with the f-hole mic’d and the electric direct – gives it a nice acoustic sound, I thought. Dusted off the not-so-trusty old guitar synth, and after a few takes, got a glitch-free bass track. Will get a proper duo or small group recording soon – stay tuned…

Justin Perdue Quartet – live at the ball & chain: dec. 10, 2010

Justin Perdue QuartetFriday, Dec. 10, 7pm – 9 pm
Justin Perdue Quartet live at Ball & Chain Cafe

Briggs Carriage Bookstore,
16 Park Street, Brandon VT 05733

The Justin Perdue Quartet explores the interplay of guitarist Justin Perdue’s modal jazz flights with the post-bop virtuosity of pianist Andrew Moroz – all over the grooves of bassist Jeremy Harlos and drummer and hand percussionist Travis Shores’ intense, multi-layered African, Middle Eastern and jazz rhythms. This adventurous band of seasoned jazzmen delves into everything from Indian ragas to funky soul jazz as they push the envelope of improvisation with their unique repertoire of original compositions.

check out a recording of the quartet playing “Fauvismo”…
…or listen to more

more info:
Ball & Chain Cafe: 802 247.0050 (