Justin Perdue is a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger. His jazz guitar work ranges from jazz standards, bebop, and modal to purely improvisational (“free jazz”) and funk – in addition to being a visual artist.

He’s presently leading the Justin Perdue Group – working with a cast of seasoned jazzmen including longtime collaborators bassist Jeremy Harlos and pianist/organist Ray Paczkowski, along with saxophonist Steve MacLauchlan, drummer Daniel Scharstein, keyboardist Cobey Gatos and percussionist Carlos Velez. This adventurous band delves into everything from ballads and blues to modal jazz and funky soul as they push the envelope of improvisation with their unique repertoire of original compositions and post-bop standards. Justin is also works with the latin/fusion group, Mogani as well as the soul-jazz / funk group The Good Parts.

Justin Perdue’s jazz guitar work has been featured on several CD’s recorded with the So-Called Jazz Sextet in the early 90’s. He also appeared on Arthur Brooks’ “Ensemble V” recording & the Jack Wright CD “Thaw.”

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